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Lettie Ann


"keen sense of what looks good"

"Moving to Petaluma from Marin, I decided to try a new hair stylist. I only had to try one and fell in love. That is unusual for me. For a young hair stylist, she has a keen sense of what looks good and how to do it. I was surprised at her ability and would never go anyplace else as long as Jamie Farley is in town.

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"I used to go to Barber Shops"

"I used to go to barber shops until I stopped in without an appointment and Jamie cut my hair. She was so kind, she stopped what she was doing, acknowledged me, and surprisingly cut my hair in between her scheduled appointments! I was so happy with what she did and how my hair looked, I drive from Rohnert Park to get my hair cut now.

She is much better than the barber and cuter too! Now my wife goes to her too, a great find!"




"best in petaluma"

"When my SF hair stylist left the state, I was devastated. I tried several stylists in Petaluma and never went back. When I found Jamie, I never left.

She is the best hair stylist in Petaluma and I've been through many up until I found Jamie 4 years ago. She's very nice as well which makes it fun and easy to do. Thanks Jamie.



"I interviewed Jamie"

"I interviewed Jamie before I chose her as a stylist. She was so polite, nice, and professional, she made my final cut.  I let her straighten and style my hair. 3 months later I had the other finalist do the exact same thing. Jamie won on skill, professionalism, and personality. I have not used another stylist since then and will follow Jamie to Trico or any other place she practices."




"a thing of beauty"

"Jamie's skill with my hair is a thing of beauty. I travel all over the USA and I always get complimented on my hair color. She makes me look young and smart as I am, now others can see it. AND she cuts my kids and my mother in law's hair. One stop shop, it works for me!"




"Awesome and Cool!"

"Jamie has cut my hair since I was in high school! She was so awesome and cool when I first met her and she continues to be the greatest hair stylist. Many of my friends started using her too. Now that I have graduated from college, I don't know what I'm going to do when I have to move.  Awesome and cool!"

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